Lauri Lee’s Uni Watch Segment.

In this past episode, ultra-fan Lauri Lee gave the Bois a segment to ponder:  Which are the best uniforms from the modern KU basketball era?  The Bois mused, but it’s hard to talk about Uniforms without a visual.  So we thought we’d recap the Bois’s picks.

PapaBear’s Pick

Current Year (2017-2018) Away Jerseys… Simple and Classic

        Coach Stretch’s Picks

KU Camo and KU Ice (Ewwww…)

                           imgres-3.jpg                        imgres-1.jpg

J-Nice’s Pick

2013-2014 Special Release Cursive


Lauri Lee’s Pick

2016- 2018 Adidas/KU Black History Month Alternatesimgres-2.jpg

What do you think Jayhawky Bois Nation? Give us your feedback on the facebook polls and COMMENT!!


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