Origin Story

In the year 2018, three legendary men found themselves in search of the perfect podcast. Surely, surfing somewhere out in the world-wide web, was a person or group of people with towering intellect and an unbridled love of Kansas basketball. Ideally, this podcast would cover all of the hot-button issues the ravenous KU fanbase was clamoring to address; analysis, predictions, insight, humor, history, intrigue, and the kind of joie-de-vivre that money just cannot buy.

To the utter horror and shock of the three future Hall of Famers, no such cast existed. How could the greatest program in the history of collegiate sports, whose influence and mania spanned the entire globe, have failed to produce the auditory tour-de-force one would expect of an institution with such remarkable stature? Clearly, these future titans would have to set aside their glorious lives and become the heroes the world needed (not to mention the ones Jayhawks deserved). Change was in the air.

With nothing more than a phone and a mission, the Jayhawky Bois took their first tentative steps and found the passion hiding within them all along. Now it is their mission to leave no stone unturned, no play ignored, and no ball left un-basketed. They will detail the trials and tribulations of the greatest organization in the history of sport: the University of Kansas Men’s Basketball Team.


The Bois

Just exactly who are these mysterious men, these titans of talk, these gurus of glory, who seized the mantle of Jayhawk Experts and solemnly swore to use their powers for the good of the ‘Hawks? No one truly knows, but legends abound. What little info is known is presented here; all else is wild speculation and adoring fan fiction.

  • Jay Nice- The Old Man of the Bois, Jay Nice has been following Jayhawk basketball since time immemorial. Some say he was born the same day Dr. Naismith brought the tablets down from the mountaintop and gave basketball to the world. Others say he is a phoenix born of the ashes of Hoch auditorium, the Chosen One destined to herald the triumphs at Allen Field House until the trumpets of judgment day sound. Rumors of his third eye are unsubstantiated, but what cannot be denied is that Jay knows his stuff. He keeps the Bois on track and calls the shots. If you need anecdotes, insider info, or a good ol’ fashioned “back in my day,” look no further than Mr. Nice.
  • Coach Stretch- What can one truly hope to say about the Coach? That he was the inventor of the pick-and-roll? That the Triangle-and-Two is only called that because “Coach Is the Smartest and Best and Don’t You Forget It” was too much a mouthful? That he can see the future and the past simultaneously, and what’s more, coach his gosh-danged heiney off? All of these things are true, dear reader, and yet they cannot scratch the surface of this man’s basketball acumen. Coach literally knows everything, and the Bois rely on him for X’s, O’s, whiteboards, juice boxes, orange slices, and a level of insight previously considered impossible. We are all witness.
  • Papabear- Perhaps the heart and soul of the Bois (or at least the one writing this section). Half man, half bear, half hawk, Papabear is the end result of a clandestine laboratory project tasked with creating the perfect Jayhawk fan. Some say his mind is incapable of retaining non-Hawk information; that he counts Jayhawks to fall asleep and eats tigers for breakfast; that he once camped for two straight years just to hear Bill Self fart in a Denny’s outside Lawrence. His rabid obsession crossed the “unhealthy” line years ago, and like Dr. Banner’s gamma rays, he took the unprecedented exposure to radioactive Jayhawkery into his very cells, becoming a hulking behemoth of raw crimson-and-blue might. The Bois leave it to him for pontification, poetry, poignancy, and a whole slew of extremely biased takes.


The Podcast

As often as they can, the Jayhawky Bois will bring you their breathtaking opinions of everything going on in the Jayhawk universe. Analysis of recent games, predictions for upcoming showdowns, insider information, X’s and O’s, speculation, and tomfoolery are all on the table. The Bois are growing in power with every episode, so be sure to stay on top of things as they continue to add segments and spread the Gospel of Hawk Ball to the farthest corners of space.