The Bois Keep Rollin’


Ohhhhhhh shit. The Bois are back and they’re firing off takes left and fuckin’ right. Watch out because we’re flinging so many hot concepts that you’ll need a hard hat. Jared swings by and gives his typical half-empty perspective (and a surprise half-full(!)), we talk potential lineups, LeBron and LeDestinations, Doke coming back, Stanley Cup champ Alex “Russian Machine Never Breaks” Ovechkin, and lots lots more. Get after it kiddos.



The Bois Are Back in Town

The Bois have returned from an eventful spring to launch headfirst into their first summer of podcasting. Come listen as they hit the ground running with spicy NBA takes, controversial FBI speculation, potentially-award-winning coverage of the treacherous recruiting trail, and much more. The first of a bi-weekly summer series, tune in and tell ya friends.


It’s Been a Great Year, Folks


It’s been a long fun season and the Bois have nothing but fond memories of the 2017-18 Jayhawks. We’ve been fortunate enough to witness some incredibly special young men grow into legends and we will always be grateful for it. Speaking of gratefulness, we would like to thank everyone who’s listened over the course of the season. Don’t go anywhere, the Bois have plenty to talk about for the offseason. It’s uncharted territory and we couldn’t have better fans to take the journey with.


San Antonio Banderas, aka, Final Four Fiesta, aka, All Three Bois Were Here

We did it everybody. We made it. We’re going to the Final Four in San Antonio on the strength of Devonte’ “Captain Smiles” Graham, Malik “These Nuts, Duke” Newman, Sviatoslav “I’d Like to Buy a Vowel” Mykhailiuk, and the rest of this fantastic group. All three of the Bois were definitely in the studio and they have what it takes to assuage your clamor. All the usual segments do their typical heavy lifting, “Swiss” drops by to give us a surprisingly level-headed Duke perspective, and the soundboard gets it’s best bite yet. Thank you to Jayhawky Boi nation, it has been an unbelievably fun first season and we appreciate everything you have done to help us get here. Thanks for the love, thanks for the clamor. We’ll be back.




Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?


The Bois were stifled in Vegas but they are back with a freaking vengeance. We’ve got takes on the BigXII tournament, the BiG dAnCe, all the usual segments, perhaps our best guest yet, and plenty more for your listening pleasure. Stick it in your ear and keep it there until the Sweet Sixteen. Get down on it.