Technical Difficulties


The Jayhawks lost to Oklahoma State on Saturday but the Bois are feeling alright about it. We’ve got another new guest segment with Sally Stillwater checking in, plus some hot takes on the upcoming tournaments. All the standard segments make their appearances, so get after it if you know what’s good for ya! Have fun and share it with your crew.



O Captain My Captain!, or Farewell D’te


Allen Fieldhouse has seen the triumphant end of an era. The Bois thank their beloved seniors with three new segments, and a new visitor makes his appearance. The Jayhawks are proud of their season and know they have more still to do. We the Bois are proud of this episode, but we know there’s more to do. Thanks for everything seniors. Rock Chalk.



Back-to-Back, etc., etc.


Fourteen in a row, America. The Streak is old enough to get a learner’s permit in some states, and we are freakin’ psyched about it. The Bois bring all their usual segments and the standard level of hot takes. Congratulations are in order for these incredible, determined, gritty Jayhawks on winning perhaps their most impressive BigXII championship ever. From the bottom of our crimson-and-blue hearts, we love this team. Rock Chalk.

Ain’t No Seats


The Jayhawks beat down the Sooners and the Bois have a lot of feelings about it. Slide into that stream and catch some hot takes, new segments, old favorites, rankings, tomfoolery, and general mayhem. Rock Chalk the boogie down to Lubbock this week y’all, we’re gonna get that fourteenth.



The Price is Wrong, Bobby




The Bois are back in a big way. Jay Nice is banished to the shadow realm but Coach Jimmy makes a studio appearance. Brotherbear makes his triumphant debut and hijinks ensue as per usual. Predictions, All-Star weekend coverage, and more, so get to listenin’! Share it if you’re nice.




This is Papabear here, wanting to let you know that the Jayhawky Bois do not approve of the salacious slander slung by Jay Nice yesterday. They’ve come to bring you their OFFICIAL breakdown OFFICIALLY of the Iowa State game. We get our first return guest- Coach Jimmy [REDACTED]- as well as all of the classic segments. UNI WATCH makes it’s first appearance, and we get it all in on a tight 38:01. Give it a listen and do us a solid; please share us with your Jayhawk buddies. Thanks.


This Is Not What We Were Hoping For



The Jayhawky Bois get hecka drunk. Yeah that’s right I said it, it’s not a typo. How else are the Bois to respond to the kind of game the ‘Hawks put up against Baylor? We cover the frustrating loss, involve the next special guest for the “Glass Empty” segment, make our predictions for the ISU game, and plug the hell out of Captain Morgan. Enjoy the Bois at their most debauched, and do us the favor of sharing with anyone you thing might enjoy the sweet sultry sounds of the BOIS.